Luc Poulson

Luc Poulson

MMR Team Date. 06.06.2009

Team Driver: Luc Poulson

Sunday morning my Mother, Father and myself drove to Hillerd. We had a 3 hour drive to Hillerd where the Race was to be held. Our first practice Heat was held at 8am

I did not have high expectations for this Race when I was qualifing with some of the best drivers in Denmark. But I qualified with a 3rd - 5th and 1st place, out of 3 qualification rounds. The worst round of qualification is omitted. I started in pole position of the 'B' semi where I bumped to the to the finals.

I got a really bad start in the final, and got way behind, but I fought back into the race, and ended up 8th out of 32 Racers.