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Hostile 55t Spur Gear (RCHHSG55)

Hostile 55t Spur Gear

Price: 8.99

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Product Details

All other current gearing options use heavy and expensive steel spur gears. By using our high quality and super strong material, we are able to offer spur gears at a fraction of the weight and cost of steel

These high quality injection molded gears are offered in the stock 57/17 tooth size as well as higher speed sets such as 56/18 and 55/19 tooth.

Matched gear sets are available with pinions made for us by Robinson Racing.

Hostile spurs offer:

1. Harder material for longer life and less wear.
2. Higher strength material to reduce gear failure
3. Handles higher temperatures
4. Lightweight and economical alternative to steel
5. Available in several sizes for a variety of gearing options
6. Made in the USA

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