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HPI Savage Flux HP (HPI-104242)

HPI Savage Flux HP

Price: 579.00

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Product Details

Latest version, now includes HPI 2.4Ghz Radio System with Failsafe

If you want the ultimate in performance with the ultimate in useability, then look no further than the HPI Savage Flux! Powered by HPI's immense Flux Tork 2200 Motor coupled to the HPI Flux Blur speed controller, the HPI Savage Flux can handle upto 22.2Volts of power from twin battery packs!

With speeds of upto 100Kph and the plug 'n' play convenience of electric power, the HPI Savage Flux really does represent the ultimate Radio Controlled Monster Truck available on the market today.

Based on the nitro version of the HPI Savage, the HPI Savage Flux includes a beefed up drivetrain designed to handle the extreme torque available. So it's more than capable of taking all the abuse we know you'll throw at it!

HPI Savage Flux Features:

New 2.4Ghz Radio System With Failsafe
Speeds of upto 100Kph
HPI Flux Tork 2200 Motor
HPI Flux Blur Speed Controller
Takes Two Battery Packs - Twin 2S or 3S LiPo's Reccomended, but NiMh Cells Also Accepted
Based on the Award Winning HPI Savage Family
Pre Assembled, Ready To Run!

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