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Killer RC Limiting Cables (RCKRCLIMIT)

Killer RC Limiting Cables

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Product Details

The new Suspension Limiting Killer Kables from Killer RC will dramatically prolong the life of your HPI Baja's shocks and drive shafts. Without limiting cables the Baja's suspension will over-extend, causing the shock pistons to bottom out, which damages the piston, seals, and rod end. An over-extending suspension can also cause damage to your drive shaft pins and cups. With Killer Kables you can spend more time running your Baja and less time repairing it. Killer Kables fit on the HPI Baja RTR, 2.0, SS, and 5T that have FLM, RPM, or stock HPI suspension arms. Killer Kables may also work on other aftermarket arms that have sway bar provisions. Killer Kables are made in the USA from the highest quality, aircraft grade, coated steel cable, and hydraulically crimped stainless steel eyelets that are rated to handle 500 lb loads.

Now available in 6 colors! Choose from Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Green, and Orange.

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