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Tr Billet Diff Saver (RCTGN7105)

Tr Billet Diff Saver

Price: 71.50


Product Details

Turtle Racing Billet Case Saver for the HPI Baja plastic differential case.

This top-quality billet aluminum upgrade will strengthen your plastic Baja differential. Stops the 'case warp' and helps stop leaking. Now you can run your choice of weight differential oil, or install that high-performance engine you have been admiring, and not worry about warping the cases.

The Turtle Racing Billet Case Saver kit contains a new HPI Stock differential case (HPI part # 85426) precision machined by Turtle Racing to insure proper fit with the included Billet Aluminum Differential Case Saver. The Case Saver surrounds and contains all the vital areas of the stock case and the 48 tooth differential gear to make a very solid differential.

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