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Uber Air Filter Full Kit (3 Stage) (RCUBER137)

Uber Air Filter Full Kit (3 Stage)

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This Air FIlter Kit gives you everything you need to get up and running, including Dual Stage Air Filter, Velocity Stack, Gasket and our Pro Air Filter Oil. The UberRC Pro Air Filter Oil is Designed for use in 2 stroke engine Air Filters and specifically for use in the UberRC Dual Stage Air Filter. UberRC Pro Air Filter Oil is the only oil specially formulated to work in combination with the cotton fabric in the UberRC Air Filter enabling proper airflow of your 2 stroke air filter and resulting in maximum performance from your engine. Use this oil whenever you clean your air filter to ensure maximum protection for your 2 stroke engine each and every time. The UberRC Dual Stage Air Filter has been developed specifically for us by world renowned filter manufacturer PiperCross. Featuring a Polyurethane moulded rubber neck that fits straight onto a Velocity stack for simple and quick fitting and changing. This filter Increases Air Flow into your Carb enabling maximum Torque and Maximum BHP in your 2 stroke engine. Suitable for use in conjunction with all popular Pre-Filters this is the ultimate Air Filter for bashers and racers. Simple to fit, easy to clean and looks great with our custom UberRC logo on the front face and across the top diameter.

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