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MarioKart Radio Controlled Car - Mario (162060)

MarioKart Radio Controlled Car - Mario

Price: 54.00

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Product Details

Vehicle length approx. 43,8 cm

Top Speed: up to 20 km/h max.
Long running times up to 40 minutes
Short recharging time approx. 80 minutes
Top Technology: 2,4 GHz Servo Tronic facilitates multi-step steering and driving functions providing precise driving and steering in all directions
Interruption-free, Frequency independence
Splash proof
Body Tilting Action
Top Principle: Ready to Run, Li-Ion high power battery 7,4 V - 700 mAH (Item No. 800001), Recharger 8.4 V - 500 mA (Item No. 800002), controls,
2 AA-batteries, car - all included

Online Catalogue | Models | CARS |  ELECTRIC