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Product Details

With its chromed finish and vibrant colours the Space quad from Cherlead is sure to attract attention. To aid with navigation and to add to the futuristic looks there are high power LEDs fitted to the front of the model.

The outer frame is made from a tough but flexible plastic so that if you do have a bump or get too close to a wall the blades are protected and any damage is kept to a minimum.

Fitted to the underside is a micro video camera that is also capable of taking high resolution still images, all controllable from the supplied 2.4GHz radio system. Flying the Space is a dream and with its 3 different flight modes it is suitable for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned astronaut.

The Space features a high-pixel camera, allowing you to record video footage or take photos during your flight with no additional set-up required! The camera itself is operated from the transmitter. At the press of a button 3 .jpg photos are taken or the video recording will start. Video is recorded in AVI format onto the supplied 1GB Micro SD memory card and can be copied to your computer or laptop with the supplied Micro SD USB card reader.

With a tough yet forgiving plastic outer frame, the blades on the Space are well protected from impacts against walls and other objects that jump out at you mid flight, add this to the 6 axis gyro stabiliser and you get an easy to fly model that keeps coming back for more.

Take your flights to the next level with the pre-fitted camera, at the touch of a button it will record both still shots and video directly onto a Micro SD card.

6 Axis Gyro
4.5 Channels
600mAh 3.7v Li-Po Battery
Loops and Flips
Ultra Bright Micro LEDs
Video and Still Camera

Online Catalogue | Models |  AIRCRAFT