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Red Arrow USA Heavy Duty Clutch System for the Losi DBXL (DB200)

Red Arrow USA Heavy Duty Clutch System for the Losi DBXL

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We are pleased to offer the new Red Arrow USA Heavy Duty Clutch System for the Losi DBXL series.
This clutch system replaces the smaller, weaker elements in the stock clutch system, replacing them with the Losi 5IVE spec clutch bell and bearings.
This "2 in 1" system eliminates the need for a heavy duty "engine side" clutch housing, This clutch system spans the gap from the crankcase to the pinion with a durable billet design that can be used either "vented" or "enclosed"
The system comes with the "plugs" for enclosed operation.
The most exciting feature of this clutch system, however, is the ability to use larger, aftermarket 5IVE pinion gears for more speed. The change to a larger pinion is very noticeable.
The system is a direct bolt-on the Zenoah G320RC engine, and with the simple addition of a small, inexpensive adaptor plate, the system will easily accept Zen and CY 23-30.5cc engines.
Gears up to to 23t can be used with very minor modification.
We recommend the Vertigo Hex Drive 5ive clutch bell and pinion gears. BBRC also offers larger pinion gears.
We are also impressed with the new FID DBXL fuel tank, which provides more clearance in the fuel tank area. This is also a recommended upgrade.
This system comes with the main clutch housing and front carrier, bearings, and installation kit.
Note: The Losi 5IVE compatible bell is NOT included, there are many options available for you to choose from. The bell in the picture is shown only for comparison to the DBXL system
The 23-30.5 "small block" adaptor plate is not included, it should be purchased separately.

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