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Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter (H111)

Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter

Price: 23.94


Product Details

Introducing the Hubsan Q4 Nano quadcopter. If there is a smaller radio controlled full function quad on the world market we are yet to see it. This lightweight, easy to fly nano quad comes ready-to-fly straight from the box.

One year under development, the Hubsan Q4 is the ultimate in micro r/c technology. Stylishly designed, with equally impressive performance it promises to be the absolute must have gadget for 2014 and beyond. Just add 2 x AAA batteries to the transmitter and you are ready to fly in literally any space available!

Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter Features:
Ultra small design - worlds smallest?
LED Lights for front and back flying guide and low light flying
4-Channel 2.4ghz Radio with digital trim
Integrated gyro for stable flying
100mAh 3.7v Lipo battery
Spare blades included
Weighs 11.5grams!
USB Charge cord
Coreless micro motors
Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter Spec:
Dimensions: 45 mm x 45 mm
Weight: 11.5 grams
Requires: Two AAA batteries
Charge Time: 10 minutes

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