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Steel Turtle Clutch Bell Grabber (RCTGN7101)

Steel Turtle Clutch Bell Grabber

Price: 34.99


Product Details

Turtle Racing Billet "Grabber" Clutch Bell for TR HD Clutch Systems
This is only for use with the Turtle Racing HD clutch system

The Turtle Racing Grabber Bell is made from 1pc Billet Steel. The cooling benefits are huge and the strength of the bell is maintained, not cut away, all while providing light weight, low rotating mass. The grooves right in the contact surface add cooling, evacuate dust and provide AWESOME grip! Clutch slippage is minimal, less slip=less heat.

We have tested the Grabber Bell with the Tourex, Lauterbacher and Elcon clutches with great results. You can adjust your Elcon and Lauterbacher clutch without removing anything but a rubber plug.
Made in USA with quality and pride.
Turtle Racing HD "Grabber" Clutch Bell For HD Clutch System

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