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Turtle V2 Billet Pull Start - Blue (RCTURV026BLU)

Turtle V2 Billet Pull Start - Blue

Price: 109.99


Product Details

Turtle Racing has designed & manufactured this Pull Start to greatly reduce
the problems starting your Zen/CY motors. We started with a very heavy duty
rope, then we added a double sealed bearing to the Spool. The bearing helped
tremendously, no more plastic on plastic friction. We then modified the
aluminum spawl, polished it and Teflon Plated it. We designed the housing
for proper venting while not allowing debris to enter. For all 1/4, 1/5, 1/6
Scale, Zen/CY 23cc-30.5cc applications.

All of the internals are wear items so we will have Rebuild kits available.
Our standard warranty on these will only apply to the housing. We can't
warranty wear items.

Colors May Vary.

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