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TRAXAS E-MAXX Brushless TQi (TRX-3908)


Price: 629.00


Product Details

If you like the Traxxas E-MAXX, you'll love the Traxxas E-MAXX Brushless Edition!

Packed with the Castle Creations Mamba Max brushless motor system as found in the Traxxas E-REVO Brushless, the Traxxas E-MAXX Brushless Edition is capable of huge top speeds upto 65Mph!

The Brushless E-MAXX is supplied with twin Traxxas 8.4v (7 Cell) battery packs, meaning you can be up and running in no time! However, if the awesome 65Mph top speed is what you crave, be sure to take a look at our twin 3 Cell LiPo packages!

All this power can't just be bolted into any truck, which is why Traxxas designers built the Traxxas E-MAXX Brushless Edition to cope with this power from the start. The REVO inspired transmission and drivetrain are built brushless-tough!

Traxxas E-MAXX Brushless Edition Features:

Traxxas TQi Premium 2.4Ghz Radio System With iPod/iPhone Dock
Inlcludes 2 x Traxxas 8.4v Batteries
Castle Creations Mamba Max Brushless System
Heavy Duty 17mm Hex Hubs
Top Speed of 65Mph!
Built Traxxas Tough!

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