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TR HD Tranny Plate (RCTGN7163xx)

TR HD Tranny Plate

Price: 30.98




Product Details

Turtle Racing has developed the “Original” HD Tranny plate to secure the rear end of your HPI Baja 5B/5T.

This Tranny Plate is twice as thick as the Stock Tranny Plate and is made from Billet 6061 aluminum. This HD Tranny plate will greatly reduce flex and help keep the whole Rear end of your Baja secure. It has been lightened as much as possible without reducing strength. This Tranny Plate was a natural progression to our HD Top Plate.

We have also made a One Piece Plate to secure the brake assembly using our tried and proven 4-point mount. One piece construction makes assembly and servicing the brake assembly a great deal easier! This also makes for a very solid Brake Assembly, greatly reducing flex. No matter what brakes you use, you will notice more solid, positive, brake action. We have also included flanged bearings for the brake cam. Proudly made in the USA!

The HD Tranny Plate comes complete with the Tranny Plate, the One Piece Cover plate that secures the brake assembly, 2 flanged bearings installed, and all screws to complete your installation.

Available in your choice of raw, orange, or gunmetal. Fits both 5B and 5T.

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